Spring Fling, 2016

Coming back from an event is always so euphoric. The adrenaline, the endorphins, it is just awesome.  It is in direct proportion to how stressful it is going out.  I am always so worried about driving the trailer to the venue, in my mind, there is row after row of trailers, all parked neatly, and no where for me to park — or turn around.  This has never actually happened. I have always easily found parking, everyone has always been very nice if I have needed help. I have no idea how to turn this part of my brain off.

My next stressor is that Kip does not tie well, not even at the barn. He has, on several occasions  at shows, popped the trailer tie, and come looking for me. Thankfully he does not kite off into the woods, but what he does in not great, which is run hell bent toward where the action is, to the arena or jumping field. This inevitably turns him into a fire-breathing-dragon. So I usually always get a stall, but for the Spring Fling, I entered too late to get a stall. So I had to tie.  And it went okay. Not great, but he stayed tied.  So I took photos of him tied to the trailer to remind me that he can  do it.


When we got there.

20160402_120525After Dressage.





After jumping.




He screamed his fool head off most of the time, didn’t drink any water, and stomped back and forth,  not standing nicely at all — but he stayed tied.

And we had three great rides! I did the Ride and Review instead of entering the derby — so no ribbons for me today, but I got some great advice, in Dressage, to basically do more of what I am doing – take a hold of him, and push him into the contact, bend him around the ciricle, around my leg.  Push forward when he sucks back.  He’s a nice horse, I need to ride him like he is one!

Jumping, I need to narrow the corridor he travels down — I allow him to be too wishy-washy to the fence, I need to hit the center, every time.  My second round was spot on. What a great horse!



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