The rain is brain colored

It was very hard to make myself go on a trail ride today in the rain.  As I drove to the barn, my head was chattering about how wet and cold I would get, the footing may be bad, What If The Truck Gets Stuck In The Mud.

Because it is raining. Here.

I let my head chatter, and just had my body do the things to get ready for a trailride. Back the truck up to the trailer. Hitch the trailer. Check the lights. Load my tack. All the while my head kept checking the glowering sky, clouds heavy with rain. Finally it was time to load the horse. I felt my first rain drop.

I just had to get Kip out, and it was the thought of trotting around in yet even more endless circles in the indoor arena, that finally got me to load the horse.


Walking up the hill


I am so glad I did. It was really beautiful at Lake Sawyer, even if there were terrifying ducks and bicycles.   We walked up to to the top of the hill to my favorite field and practiced trotting in two point over terrain.   Of course we has a little gallop, too.

Kip outstanding in his field.

Gallops, anyone?



I even found a felled tree across the logging road. Jumps! All in all, a great day. Oh, and it rained almost the whole time.

It's just me? Okay,

Is it just me, or does this look like fun?

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