Vegetarian Whole 30, day one

I have started the Vegetarian Whole 30, I’ll be eating clean as I can for 30 days.  The vegetarian version includes some dairy like keifer and greek yogurt, and allows soaked, rinsed and boiled legumes.

News exclusive: I plan on adding wild-caught salmon into the mix. I have eaten a bit of salmon over the last few months, and it does make me feel better. It still freaks me out, though. I have to be in a very certain mindset to cook and then eat it. Sometimes I can cook it, but then eating it is right out. Thankfully DH has no qualms with my leftovers.

Water is going to be hard, I need to drink 65 ounces a day.  Here are the guidelines to the challenge:

You can earn up to 10 points a day. Each day you will get 1 point for posting what you eat (by 11am the next day at the latest). You’ll get 5 more points if you follow the strict paleo eating rules as laid out by the Whole Nine folks. There are no partial points for food. Tough, I know. Food is either 5 points or zero points. 1 point for getting 7 or more hours of sleep. 1 point for drinking enough water (half your bodyweight in ounces per day). 1 point for doing 10 minutes of mobility (not counting class time). 1 point for sticking to your own goals as to number of days per week you want to be working out. We will call his a work/rest ratio point.

Here are my resources:
whole9 forums
My Vegetarian Whole 30 Facebook page
Whole 30 recap Even though this page is not vegetarian, it has a ton of ideas, and I can sub in my protein of choice.

So far today:
Lentil squash soup
spinach blueberry smoothie.

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