Skirt stake

I love my life. I have had difficult decisions, and lost people I love who were way too young to die. I miss my Mom and Colette every day, and I still don’t really understand that I don’t get to see them.  But I am so incredibly lucky to have the wonderful life I have– A strong, talented husband; a warm, crazy house; Cats who love me so much they sometimes cannot let me sleep; and a dog who loves Scott almost as much as I do. Then there is Kip who is perfection on hooves, spending time with him is where I find a completely quiet center, unconcerned with any thought of people and their complexities.

The losses that I have had make the living I need to do all the more important, and real.

I like to work really hard – I like things that are a challenge. And to that end, I am starting my own line of hand-painted skirts. I have had all these sewing ideas lately that I have not been acting on, because, honestly how many clothes does one person need? So it occurred to me — make these awesome skirts for other people.

So I have started a spread sheet for my fabric, lining, and notions costs (I made a fabric store run today) and will track how long it takes me to draft patterns, cut fabric and sew each skirt. (ooh, tracking things! I love tracking things!) Then I will hand-paint or embroider each one. So I think costs may vary from skirt to skirt – but I will see how I feel about that.

I am taking a risk in blogging about this before I have the first skirt of my new line even started, but this way, I am a little more committed.  Here are three skirts I have made for myself, just to illustrate where I am going with this:

They are all linen, and the fabric I have bought for the first collection is linen too – I just like the drape and texture of it.

I hope to have between eight to ten skirts to open my Etsy shop, and will also take orders from people who send in their measurements, maybe. Or maybe people only get to choose from the sizes I decide to make. I am not sure yet. But I do plan on making a wide variety of sizes, I am telling myself I’d like to make from size 2 to size 26, because I know gorgeous women in every size, and I want them all to have a super cute, kinda wacky skirt to call their own.

I don’t have a name for my shop or my collection yet, but am doing some serious brainstorming. So watch this space. Big news ahead.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Thrilled beyond belief for you!