Getting ready

So Lincoln Creek One Day Event is this Saturday.  Kip and I are all signed up, and we are going down early.

We are leaving tomorrow, Friday, at noon, will arrive at LC at two-ish, leaving plenty of time for Cheryl and I to settle the horses and walk the course.  I am a little concerned about the heat, and hauling through the worst of it, but at the NPE Derby, I hauled home in the worst of the heat and Kip was fine — his neck was a little sweaty when I unloaded him, but other than that he was unaffected.

Friday is supposed to be the worst of it at 95, and then, according to, it is supposed to be 80 on Saturday.  Still hot for these parts, but not brutal.  It is a good thing we are going down early, because Anne will not have time to walk the course with us at all – her rides are diametrically opposed to mine to allow course walk, or stadium walk.  I don’t even think I will get a dressage warm up. Oh well, these things happen – and a big part of Eventing is taking obstacles  as they come, and dealing with it.  I really feel like I am getting better at that part of it. My confidence in my and Kip’s abilities is pretty solid. We can handle this stuff.

I feel really great about our Dressage test — we have that thing down.   Stadium — Kip totally understands jumps in an arena.  Cross Country is our challenge; he is still green enough that some of the jumps are just confusing enough for him to give me some resistance. I am so unused to him not going over what I point him at, that I am not always riding as defensively as I should.  But the ones he is squirrley to are always a surprise to me.  But his evasion is always the same–duck to the right.  If I keep that right hand up and right leg on, I should be good. Once he knows I really mean it, he will go over.  I just have to convince him.  Also, he is NOT INTO SPECTATORS.  Please do not clap and “Woo!” as I go by, unknown spectator, unless you want to see my ass in the dirt.   Right rein, right leg. Right rein, right leg. Right rein, right leg.  That is my mantra.

My Dressage test is at 11:50. We are doing BN test A. Really my only worry is Kip knows it too well.  But usually in a strange place, things are different enough that he does not anticipate the next move.

Our Cross Country time is for 1:18.  I will jump into canter. I will get him in front of my leg. I will allow a rolling gallop. I will ride to the base of the jumps. I will stay off his back (unless I need to drive him — Right rein, right leg x 3). I will show my feet to the jumps, and I will throw my heart over – Kip will follow.

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