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I really cleaned up this Christmas. I seem to have many hobbies, so there are many gifting opportunities.

Here is an incomplete list of my haul this year:

Sewing: A dress pattern book, a skirt pattern book, a Gingher rotary cutter and mat (!!)

One handsome horse.

Kip modeling his snazzy new saddle pad.

Horse: New saddle pad in my Eventing colors (black and red), new riding gloves.

Books: A Song of Ice and Fire – four book set, The Eye of the Elephant, signed by the Authors, Mark and Delia Owens — personal friends and neighbors of the Lovely Lisa, Queen of the Montana Valley! I will meet them someday, and maybe go for a ride.

Art: Many mini canvases (so cute!), a new sketch book, new Pigma pens, new Micron pens, a book on how to draw horses (I still need all the help I can get)

Various lovely-smelling lotions, soaps and unguents, socks, truffel salt, pickled figs!

This has me very excited for the new year, and of course I am making all sorts of resolutions to make all sorts of new things! Here are my initial thoughts:

2012 is the year of reading on the train. Step one to this end is to delete all the game Apps off of the mobile-device-thing. Begone Temple Run!

2021 is also the Year of Yes. This means when I ask myself the question “Should I ride tonight?” the answer: Yes. “Should I go for a run today?” Yes. Should I eat some salad? Yes! I will frame things positively.

Thursday is Art Day. I never go to the barn on Thursdays, that is when most of the lessons are, and it is too zoo-y. I miss making art terribly (Making art terribly? Freudian slip, anyone?) I am setting aside Thursdays expressly for that. I need to re-train myself, because the way I used to paint and draw aggravates my hands so bad, I am in pain for days, after drawing for just a couple of hours. So I need to learn to work more loosely. And that is what will happen on Thursdays! Yay art!

I love wearing the clothes I make for myself, and now I have two great books on how to make and adapt patterns, one for skirts – Sew what! Skirts and Colette Sewing Handbook! SO EXCITED. And with the ginger rotary cutter and mat I got, cutting out the fabric, (the hardest part for me – using scissors makes my hands ACHE) I will be able to cut out the fabric pain-free! Now I get to buy fabric! OMG, there is a Flickr Sew Along!

So, my perfect week for 2012 will go like this:

  • Monday: laundry, run, ride
  • Tuesday: gym, WW meeting, Stitch (where I hope to actually knit)
  • Wednesday: yoga, riding lesson
  • Thursday: run, art
  • Friday: gym, ride
  • Saturday: clean house, ride, sew
  • Sunday: shop for the week, ride, sew

I love seeing this all laid out like this, and can hardly wait to begin! I guess that means laundry.

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