Leg on.

Went away to our annual Crush weekend, and thankfully Kip was totally sound when I returned. A week’s rest seems to have done the trick. He probably pulled a muscle roughousing with his buddies in the Gelding Field. They get pretty rambunctious out there.

I had a great lesson on Wednesday, we went over our dressage test — BN test A, the same test I rode at Polestar. We got a lot of 6’s and 7’s on that test — with most of the comments being about balance. So I will concentrate on supporting Kip through the transitions, and also on accuracy; he is slow in his up transitions and quick in his downward ones. So lots of prep before the canter circles, and lots of leg for forward into trot from canter. We did some jumping too – by the time we went out to the outdoor it was getting dark, and by the end of the lesson we were jumping new jumps and combinations in the dark of night. The end of daylight savings is going to be a shock. Anyway, I feel well-prepared for stadium and X-C. When in doubt, LEG ON!

I have not cleaned my tack or my horse for that matter, I think I am going to go in to the barn tonight, clean the chunks off my tack, wash Kip’s socks and maybe his tail and call it good. But I feel great going in to the show, again the most stressful thing is the thought of trailering in. I am leaving Stoneybrook at 5:30 a.m. to arrive at NWEC at 7:00-ish. My Dressage test is at 9:33, Cross Country: 12:24pm
Stadium: 2:07pm. Since my Stadium ride is after my X-C, I am not going to paint Kip like a pumpkin. Costumes are OK for X-C, but I don’t think they are appropriate for Stadium, even at an unrecognized Event.

I have been having a hard and emotional week, so Scott wanted to take me to a movie last night — anything I wanted. So I chose “Gainsbourg – A Heroic Life” playing at the Harvard Exit. The first half of the film was beautiful; even poignant. I especially liked the manifestations of his psyche with puppet-creatures — anxiety of his Jewishness in Nazi occupied Paris manifested as a humpty-dumptyish character with four arms and many crazy legs with a stereotypically Jewish nose (much like Gainsbourg’s), and his artistic-genius self appeared as a lanky caricature of Serge himself; all nose, ears and thin fingers. It was surreal and touching, and then the second half they suddenly got all expository and then had no idea how to end the thing, so just stopped. I guess they wanted to end before they had to show that he was actually an insufferable asshole. But I still love him. (which I guess was also kind of the point of the movie.)

And the smoking. God, so much smoking.

Wish me luck on Saturday. I will have a great time and learn a lot, regardless of the outcome.


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