So I am gearing up for the French Creek Pony Club Derby on Saturday.

I feel really prepared riding wise. I had a lesson yesterday and we practised our test (USEF Beginning Novice test A). I need to remember to prepare Kip for the canter transitions (sit before K!), and to keep my elbows heavy, and my connection supple. We also practiced jumping in a rhythm. Kip will take the fence regardless, so my job is to use all of the available space, get him straight and keep my leg on. Don’t bail on him right before the fence, when he needs me most. Light seat, following arms, leg on. He’ll take care of the jumping part.

I have my ride time, I am the second-to-last ride of the day at 4:58. My number is 328, which is a good number. I am not sure what a bad number is, but I like this one. Eights are very lucky. According my favorite Pho place, that is.

Honestly, my biggest concern has been worrying about parking the truck and trailer. My backing skills are rudimentary at this point. But since my time is so late, I am planning on arriving late, and hopefully many people will be gone already. Also, so many people have assured me that if I do have a problem parking, that there will be a ton of people there willing to help me. So I feel so much better about that.

I have so many lists going, that I need a list of my lists:

  1. Camping gear
  2. Clothing (show and otherwise)
  3. Horse needs (this list has three sub-lists)
  4. Tack
  5. Food (like I will have time to eat)

I am staying for the clinic the next day, for that I am going Beginner Novice, and my ride time is  12:30 – 2:30.  A videographer will record my rides and what the instructor says to me, so that is super cool.

Today, Thursday, I will pack the camping gear into the truck (which I need to vaccuum out all the dog hair), do some miscellaneous shopping (where do all those blue freezer bricks go, anyway?)  and make sure every thing is washed.  Tomorrow I will hack out, wash Kip and get everything ready to load in the trailer.   Then Saturday morning, I will get the trailer (WAY out on the other side of Black Diamond!) load it up, load Kip and be on my way.

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  1. Lisa Chandler says:

    Good Luck Honey! It sounds very exciting, but don’t get weighted down by all those lists! xoxo