Back on track (?)

I went to an orthopedist (sp? no, I am not looking it up. Actually I think it is spelled correctly. Go figure) on Monday, and he gave me the okay to start PT.  So I made an appointment and went today.

She was awesome, and understood exactly what  I was talking about, and gave me some great exercises.  The most interesting thing is, is she said I need to strengthen my hip, so I can ride more effectively off my calf.  I was using my knee to compensate for a weak hip.  Makes so much sense.

I had an excellent lesson today, like usual — Kip continues to be amazing. I very conciously rode from my ankle and calf and we got some really great jumps in.  I still need to bring him in straight, but when I am doing my job, he really knows his.

Cute knees

Kip is great-- me, well, I am trying.

If you look at the photo in my headder, you can really see my knee pinching, and in the photo above, it is a bit better, but still not great.  My calf should be on his side.

With us back in work, I went ahead and sent in my entry for the French Creek Pony Club Derby at Polestar Farm on Aug 27, and to the clinic on the 28th.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    Woot! Sounds promising!