As the great philosopher Linus once said: “I love mankind…it’s people I can’t stand.”

I looked around for a suitable link for that charming Peanuts quote, but everything I found annoyed me. There is this Fan page which is just too twee, and ignores the more thought-provoking Linus quotes – like this one. Then I found a photo of the panel that I quote at the top of this blog entry — but the caption of the person who posted the photo annoyed the snot right out of me. And then the idiot commenter below — AUGH!

I did find this interesting analysis by an Unitarian pastor, though. This alternately annoys and interests me. Unitarians, you know.

Anyway what got me started on this whole thing was an incredibly annoying woman in line at the coffee shop, who could not be bothered to halt her indescribably inane conversation long enough to tell the barista her order — then it annoyed me that I was more annoyed by this than the barista.
I need this.

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