This seems like a significant event to blog about

I made my Weight Watchers goal on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. I lost a total of 24.8 pounds.

I am quite proud of myself and feel really good. I look in the mirror like I look in my head, what my brain thinks I “really” look like. It is a relief, but it has made me buy a lot of clothes. Which my WW leader says is necessary, because if you just keep your old clothes, it is harder to realize when you are creeping up again than if you are wearing clothes that fit. So I HAD to go shopping, you see?

It is hard not to think I could loose five pounds more, which I could and still be healthy I think — but I think staying at that weight is not something I want to do. I like ice cream and bread too much, and honestly I know I can have those treats and happily stay at this weight.

Now the real work begins.

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