Freedom’s just another word

Things can sure turn on a dime. You can be drifting through your little life, concerned about things, preoccupied sure, but content in yourself and the space you have made. Then an outside force can come along and threatennearly every aspect of that happy little place. It makes you realize one needs to be resourceful in this life, and when I understood the threat, my little brain went into overdrive. I really started questioning where I am right now and why I am here — and where I want to be. And that is the crux of the biscuit, ladies and gentlemen. Where do I want to be? Why aren’t I there?

And So. You gonna do something about it?
People who know me, know I usually get what I want. Not because I am lucky or “blessed” (ick), but because I work hard, dammit. That is the problem with deciding what I want, is realizing all the work that will go in to making that a reality.
And I got some work to do.
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