Dates and Numbers

It is hard to post after one like that last one, about the passing of our dear King dog. I have come here and tried to compose a post but did not have the heart to push that post down the page.

But time marches on. Dammit.

I have had a couple of significant things happen, the first being new number on the scale. Now mind you this is not my “official” weight, what I weigh at meetings on Tuesdays. That weight is fully clothed and with shoes on. No, this new number occurred during my daily “NW” as I think of it — my “nekkidweight”. I weigh myself first thing in the morning every morning and write it on a calendar. That way I can see at a glance if I am trending upwards or staying the same or losing (!!). I know, started this paragraph talking about a new number and that number is…2. It’s real significance is its position sitting snugly in the tens column of the weight I wrote down. Ok, I will just come out and say I have broken the 120’s!! Granted the number after the 2 was a 9 but WOW! to see that was extraordinary. That was Friday, and I have gained a pound over the weekend, but still.

The other thing is my trainer and I were talking, and she said that if I did a couple of unrecognized events and horse trials, it is entirely possible I could be ready to ride in the Aspen Farms Horse Trials over Labor Day weekend. Finally, a goal. And a totally attainable one at that. I do still have the problem of being without a truck and trailer. That really makes things much harder to get to. I am at the mercy of others in my barn going to Unrecs, and I am not sure anyone is going to do that. They are all busy going to the recognized shows. I need to figure out a way to get mobile. Humm. Regardless, I am looking forward to tonight’s ride.

And tomorrow’s weigh in.

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