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So, there is nothing like huburis

My last post was all about how great everything was, and now the fickle Fates have slapped me right back in to my place.

Our dear dog, King went sick last Saturday evening. I was thinking of turning in, and Scott came into the room and told me King was acting sick. Sure enough, he was panting heavily, and in obvious distress. Was it Bloat? Heart failure? Pain from his hips? He was 94 in people years, so it could be anything. We spent an anxious night, hoping for a morning miracle. It was not to be.

We took him to the emergency vet on Sunday morning, and nearly four hours, an MRI and many x-rays later, we had a diagnosis of right mid-lobe pneumonia. We were sent home with antibiotics and a directive to take him to our regurlar vet by Wednesday. We ran the humidifyer 24/7, gave him a pill melenge — but he was not eating or drinking very well, by the time Scott took him in on Wednesday. Our great vet, Dr. Heino, had chosen this time to retire, and pass his practice on to other vets – and Scott was not impressed with them. But they gave us anti-nausea pills, so we could get him to eat, so he could continue with the antibiotics. King had a little rally, and he and Scott were able to go for a walk around the block, something both of them enjoyed very much; King with the added pleasure of sniffing and peeing on things.

By Friday morning, He wasn’t eating though, and again very distressed and uncomfortable. He asked Scott to put him on the bed, and we did so — I was happy to move to the couch, becuase there simply is not enough room for two people and a 110 pound dog on our bed — and I knew dear King needed some comfort. We took him back to the emergency vet, because they were great when we took him in before, and we needed advice from people we liked and trusted. They were great, and quickly made room in Dr. Cuthbert’s schedule, so we could be seen right away.

Again waiting in the exam room, we waited for the x-rays, blood work and what ever else they needed to do to find out what was causing King’s distress. When the news was delivered, Dr. Cuthbert told us that the pneumonia was clearing up nicely, but that he found a tumor high up in King’s intestine, and he had peritonitis. Our path was clear, King needed us to take care of him one more time, to make sure his suffering did not continue, and to help him on to his next journey.

He passed away quietly and with dignity, with the people he loved there with him.

Good dog. You are missed.

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