Imax had an appointment with the ferrier today, and I lunged him around a bit before hand like usual. He seemed off on his right hind, so I decided just to put him in crossties till Rich arrived. When he did, I sent Imax around again, and Rich said he though he was limping, too.

We thought it was in his hip at first, because his hoof was striking flat. But then when Rich pulled the shoes, the hoof wall on the lower inside quadrant came with the shoe — and the abcess in his foot burst. So Imax had had an abcess in his foot for the last however long with no sign of lameness whatsoever. How frustraing. I guess it was not bothering him too much, he’s been going just fine the last few days. Friday I had a lesson with Jill, and he was a champ; lenghthening and lowering – moving into the bit and really working from behind. Yesterday we worked with side reins then went on a little trail ride, up and down hills, a little trotting but mostly just walking. But he was perfectly fine.

I guess there was just no way of me knowing this was going on. I can’t beat myself up about it, even though I feel terrible he could have been in pain when I was riding.

Regardless, I am grounded for the next few days. I’ll check him tomorrow and soak it if he’s still sore, then see how he is Wednesday. Rich and Bonnie both seem to think I’ll be riding by Wednesday or Thursday. So it should not interfere with the grand plan of shows Nov, Dec, Jan, schooling Feb and Eventing camp in spring!

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