So I have some stuff going on right now — my show opened at Albion College in Michigan — (Wisconson? no, Michigan, definitely Michigan…for some reason I can’t remember what state it’s in. The Midwest is sort of an amorphous blob to me, I am ashamed to say.)

They have a…disappointing…web presence for the Visual Arts Center so I won’t even bother to link. But I have been interviewed by the school paper, and will link to that if they put it on-line.

Imax is doing much better, in that he is not lame anymore, we never really did figure out what was wrong. Mary, my Animal Communicator said it was a “nervy” type of pain. I had a Vet, a chiropractor and psychic all treat him, and while I learned a lot, mostly I learned I need a new Vet.

I also realized we were not ready for the Adult Rider’s Camp at Tulip Springs, which is just so disappointing, I was looking forward to it so much. But I can’t be sure how Imax will act in public in a strange place, with strange horses. We just need many more miles under our belts, before we commit to such a big deal.

I am trying to ride him in the arena with other horses as much as possible and going to take him on a trail ride to Bridle Trails on Sunday. We will see how that goes.

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