What next?

I finally got a Vet to return my phone calls and make an appointment to come and see Imax and give him his shots. Thirty minutes after the Vet left, Imax was COVERED in hives, panting, itching like mad, and had a temp of 103. It took the vet an hour to get back to the barn to give him a cortisone shot (“gee I have never seen any thing like that in my life” he says.)
( o_O )
He’s fine now, we had a good ride yesterday but jahayzuz it scared the shit out of me. and cost an additional $160. Merry Christmas!

We are also having training issues, now that I am really asking him to work, he is having a bit of a problem with that, and throwing temper tantrums. I just keep a chain on him — if i have it on, he won’t even try any crap, and never have to use it, but if I don’t have it on him, the second I lead him into the arena, he starts slinging his head around and pawing and striking out. Once we are going he is fine. So, I just keep the chain on and we just don’t have the problem. Ah, fun with Thoroughbreds. Thankfully Jill my trainer has trained TBs her whole life. Which is why she is my trainer.

Lastly, WTF is up with it being DARK at 4:00? I know this happens every year (like clockwork!) but geeze for some reason it seems worse this year.

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

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