I have a crush on my horse.

Imax is doing so good, I am so proud of him.
This is a Then and Now photo. The one on the right is one I took when I was looking for a horse. The one on the left was taken yesterday, October 22.
Imax compare
click for big.

He still has a pointy croup, I don’t think that will ever go entirely away, but his hindquarters are muscling up nicely. He has also gained about 100 pounds or more, which also helps. It is great to see this progress.

AND I got a new saddle. Which I also am enamored with.
It is a Stubben Juventus, in BLACK. Sexy.

I got it yesterday, and we had our first lesson in it. It made a HUGE difference. Jill had us do 20 minute trot sets with almost to no contact. For about five minutes, we were even on the buckle. Not the most beautiful circles you have ever seen, but he was responsive to my leg, and most importantly, pretty much stayed in frame. I hope to replicate this wonder when we ride tonight.

I can hardly wait.

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One Response to I have a crush on my horse.

  1. joy says:

    omg yvette — i never think about saddles — what a sexy item