Derby at Tulip Sprngs

This last weekend I went to the Tulip Springs Derby to lend a hand to my friend Kerry. It was her first Derby with her excellent Draft-cross, Olive. Her show name is Orange Crush, which I think is cute and funny. I met some nice people from the Area VII Adult riders – actually they seem more crazy and fun than “nice”.

We had an excellent time, and I can hardly wait until I get to go to these sorts of events with Imax. There is supposed to be another Adult Event Camp and Derby in the Spring, so I am hoping we can make it to that one.

I finally had my first lesson on Imax with Jill, and he was a total gentleman, which is good, except that I wanted to show Jill the getting behind the bit problem and his off-balance canter to the right. I know how to push him up into the bit, it is just a matter of getting strong enough, but I don’t know what to do about the weird sloppy counter-canter to the right. Oh well.

Imax and I are going to Ocean Shores this Saturday, I am interested to see how he reacts to the Biggest, Scariest Puddle in the World, aka: the Ocean.

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