Deloris Alice (Forsythe) Franz, 9/7/1940 – 7/25/2007

My mom, Dee passed away yesterday July 25th 2007 at 2:30 a.m.. My dad, Wayne was by her side.

Our immediate family – Colette, Larry, Lacy, Caitlyn, Tristan, Scott and myself, all met last Sunday, to say our private goodbyes to her. We each took turns talking to her while the rest of us waited in the 5th wheel trailer, so everyone had privacy and as much time as they needed to say whatever they needed to say to her. I feel pretty much like I was able to let her know how sorry, grateful, happy, indebted, sad, scared, excited, loved I felt, and all the other family members I spoke to felt the same.

I think she knew it was okay to go after that.

Scott and I decided to go up and see her again on Tuesday, Scott had the day off and I had no problem getting the time off, (because where I work, they realize we are human beings and we are treated accordingly). I had a premonition about ten or so days ago, that mom would die on the 25th, and had told Scott. But after seeing her on Sunday I was not so sure. Scott, however, was treating that day like she had an appointment or something and of course that is when she would go. Between him and my friend Margo, they convinced me that we really needed to go see her Tuesday.

She seemed very busy, there was alot going on inside her. The nurse came by and let us know how we could make her more comfortable, and assured us the things we were doing were right. She estimated mom had another couple of days – but I was not so sure. Scott and I stayed throughout the afternoon, sitting with her, talking to Dad, and reading. When we left, I kissed her and told her I would be back tomorrow.

Dad called us at 7:00 am Wednesday to let us know mom had passed away early in the morning.

When we got to mom and dad’s house, Colette’s family and Carmen and Larry were already there. It was great to have everyone there, we all got to cry together, and sit and talk. I went in to see mom’s body, but it was amazing how she was so much not there. We all gravitated to the garden, because that is where she was.

We all sat and ate and talked all day, and it turned into every other family gathering, with us all joking, and the dogs running around and we all had a very nice time.

Bye, Mom, I love you.

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