Oh dear.



I keep getting struck with bouts of panic. I will just be sitting here and suddenly my skin feels like it doesn’t fit and I have to sit quietly with my hands over my eyes for a moment until I get it together enough to be able to not scream a little.

You see, I have bought a horse.

The very horse in this picture.

His name is Imax. He is five.

He was bred for the track, but was weeded out before he was ever started.

From there, he was bought by a woman who “cowboyed” him around a little too much, and he didn’t like it. Started trying to buck her off. She got scared of him and basically put him in a stall for a year.

She finally got tired of feeding him so decided to sell him at auction. The owner of Woodenview stables offered to buy him instead. I am not sure what she planned on doing with him, but a girl working at her barn, Erin, bought him from her. Three weeks later, her boyfriend got accepted to a grad school in University in Southern California. She decided to go with – and Imax had to go back up for sale.

I saw his ad on Dreamhorse:

Has been jumped over a few things & shows interest. I am moving to San Diego Aug 1st and unfortunately not able to take my baby with me! He is registered but previous owner lost the papers supposedly(very annoying). He’s never raced, green but has a few months of training under him and really is just a big baby. I have tried him on a few jumps and he will jump and with training would probably make a great jumper. He needs an advanced rider or an intermediate rider with proof of a trainer as I want him finished properly. I have a trainer I work with regularly and will continue until sale. I can ride him English walk, trot, canter -he has real smooth gates, a nice sitting trot all will just get better! He has been to a basic level walk trot show, he clips, loads, lunges, bathes and loves to be groomed. Has been on trails, dogs & traffic didn’t seem to bother him. Great personality, good with other horses. A real lover!!

If he passes the Vet check tomorrow, I take delivery that afternoon.

Oh dear. I need to cover my eyes for just a moment. Excuse me.

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One Response to Oh dear.

  1. Carolyn says:

    Wowza! A five your old. He is very cute. Or handsome. Most likely more appropriately handsome.