lichen 12-27-06

lichen 12-27-06

Inspired by photojojo’s a photo a day post, I am going to try this. I tend to have a “follow through” problem with these sorts of things, but I think I would like to see the evolution of what interests me over a year.

I am still pretty shook up over the death of my cat, and was appalled to find out I only have 24 pictures of him, and those are too small to print. I was only thinking of keeping them “polite” for on-line viewing, I never realized how important it would suddenly be to have a small physical representation of him.

I took a ton more photos than that of course, I just didn’t bother to save the ones I didn’t think were good. I didn’t know they all were good.

It makes me all the more sad that I forgot to take my camera over to my sister’s house for Christmas this year. I don’t have very many pictures of my mother, either.

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