Thank you, Jake.

Jake was a funny guy
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My dear cat Jake was put to sleep on December 18th.

He came to us as a two-year old stray, who had been what they call an “intact male” for those first two years. He never did get over being a territorial tom.

Four years ago, he tangled with a car, and 36 hours later somehow made it home. His jaw and cheekbone were broken, he had broken ribs, and lost an eye. We patched him back together, and through it all he was the most loving, happy, purr-filled cat you have ever met.

Nothing got Jake down. He was one of those perpetually happy, hapless beings, tripping his way through life and into emergency rooms.

Scott and i joked that he cost more than caviar. The last time we figured it out it was well over $400 per pound. And that was before the last surgery .

Finally all the scrapping caught up with him, and he was infected with FIV. While there are tons of websites out there assuring you that it is not necessarily a death sentence, they did not know Jake. Jake would not be kept inside, and didn’t just yowl to be let out, he went into stealth mode, and just slunk out without anyone noticing ever. He just suddenly would not be in the house. FIV is most easily transmitted from cats fighting – and i agonized over perhaps my cat infecting another person’s cat.

Not to mention my other cats.

Finally on Sunday he got another infected wound. His immune system was not working at all and he had a terrible infection that would not heal, even after surgery and two rounds of antibiotics. He was in a considerable amount of pain.

He would not stay inside, he was miserable in the house. he could very well infect the other cats. There was the stress of yet another surgery, his fifth by my count.

Jake loved to be carried, but only on your left shoulder. Scott and Jake loved each other and he often sat on Scott’s lap purring so loud you could hardly hear the radio. But Jake was “my cat”. As soon as i came home from work, Jake would meow and meow until I picked him up. (his nickname was “Screamer“) If he was in the house, he was either on my lap or asking to be held. His favorite toy was one of the long fronds of a palm tree I have in a large pot. He had an enormous love for us and we for him.

Thank you, Jake. We will see you around next time.

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