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I went to my first Recognized show you guys!

It was a Dressage show.  I know! Who’da thought?  It was the Equestrian Institute Chablis One-Day Show.  This was a level-three National competition. Whatever that means. I didn’t join the USEF or the USDF, so I was not competing to qualify for championships.

Kip was really great, and the few complaints I have are totally understandable on his part.

On Friday I bathed Kip, packed the trailer and took him over to Donida, where the show was held.  I wanted him to be nice and settled for Saturday. settling Frankly, the thing I was most worried about was getting him braided–there is no way my hands can do a whole mane. I have tried a braid or two, and my hands just get horribly achy and then hurt for hours afterward.  I found a very nice young woman who is a working student for a very fancy dressage barn to do my braids, so they looked FANTASTIC. Worth every penny.braids

Our first ride was at 2:28 on Saturday, so I had a very leisurely day, hand walking and chatting and snacking, and then when it was time to warm up, Kip was very settled and comfortable with all of the show hubbub – loudspeakers, crowds (small, but still), other horses acting out… he was a cool cucumber. We had a beautiful warm up, really I was so confident going in to our first test, I felt just great. The first class was Adult Amature, I was riding First Level, test One.we are ready

We entered the court, trotted to X, halt, salute.  Proceed to C, track left. As we were trotting down the long side, the first Musical Freestyle ride started up in one ring over — CLAP CLAP THUMP! CLAP CLAP THUMP! WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU!! bellowed out through the loudspeakers. Kip does not like Queen, apparently, because he would not relax at all through the rest of the test.  Poor guy. That music was loud.   We ended up getting a lot of 6’s for a score of 62.59.  This earned us a Fourth, in a field of eight.we did ok!

Our next ride was at 4:15, so I decided to strip him, so he could rest. I watched a couple of the musical freestyles. They are pretty cool.  Anyway, when it is time, we warm up; and Kip is now used to the music.  Again, he warms up so nicely! What a guy! The show is running on-time — this show was run really beautifully; a difference between recognized and unrecognized? Perhaps. Anyhow, it is starting to very lightly drizzle as we enter the ring. e are riding he same test, First level, test one, but this time in the Open division.

Enter in a trot, halt at X, salute. Trot to C, track left. At this moment, two spectators pop open golf umbrellas directly in front of us. Kip freaks out.  Now every time we are traveling in the direction of the umbrellas, he must be fixated on those terrifying things, just in case they decide to attack.  More tension, this time with a good dose of counter-bend. We get a 59.4, which ironically gets us a Third in a field of seven.  Everyone I watched had a difficult ride.  Sigh. Horses.

Somewhere in there I lost my truck keys. So when I wanted to go home…I couldn’t. I looked EVERYWHERE. I even sifted through the bedding in Kip’s stall — I don’t think that stall has ever been so clean without being stripped.

I called Scott,  and he came to rescue me in record time! Really, I don’t know how I rate, but he was so wonderful, and helped me pack up my trailer.

Even with that hiccup, it was a wonderful day. I had a great time.

I wonder where my keys are.

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